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The Types of Moving Estimates

Is a Moving Estimate Final?

Every moving company in Las Vegas will offer you a moving quote—the amount it will cost you to have the service completed. Most will provide it at no charge and without obligation. Based on that estimate, what can you expect? Well, it depends. There are three types of estimates: binding, non-binding and binding-not-to-exceed.

Binding Moving Estimate

If a service provider offers you a binding estimate, then it’s required to honor that price—even if it made a mistake—as long as nothing changes. Nothing changing is an important caveat. If you forgot to show them the basement, for instance, then the price will be increase accordingly. The contract will usually indicate how additional charges are calculated, and this is normally—but not always—based on weight.

Non-Binding Moving Estimate

A non-binding agreement reflects the mover’s best guess. The actual price will be determined at completion of the move by tallying weight and service fees. So, what good is such an estimate? Well, by law, a mover cannot charge you more than 110 percent of the estimate. Any remainder will be billed to you, and you will usually have 30 days to pay.

Binding-Not-To-Exceed Estimate

A binding-not-to-exceed estimate is the most favorable to the consumer. It’s similar to a binding estimate except, at the end, total weight is determined and if that amount was overestimated, then the final price is reduced in order to reflect that.

What You Can Expect from a Quote

Verbal quotes are generally non-binding, and these are the kinds of quotes given out over the phone. After all, the mover is estimating solely based on your word. Written estimates are generally binding, and movers generally want to perform a walkthrough in order to provide such a quote. For an estimate to be binding-not-to-exceed, the contract must have language explicitly stating it. A verbal agreement or even a text message may not be enough to ensure the price reduction if applicable.