Three Key Issues to Be Aware of During an International Move

Three Things to Keep in Mind for an International Move

An international move has a higher level of complexity than a move across the city. Moving internationally requires a great deal of coordination and planning so that everything goes as smoothly as possible. Consider these three issues to keep in mind as you work with a moving company in North Las Vegas for an international move.

Keep Important Documents with You

Be sure to keep all of your important documents with you rather than packing them into the bags and boxes that will be handled by your movers. Some of the key documents to keep on you at all times during a move include your American driver’s license, birth certificate, passport, vaccination records, travel insurance and travel itinerary. It is also important to keep your credit or debit card, currency and health insurance card close at hand.

Consider International Moving Restrictions

Some countries do not allow certain foodstuffs to be brought through their borders. For example, seeds or GMO foods may be disallowed. Live plants are prohibited in many places. You may not be allowed to bring your family pet, or your pet might have to stay in quarantine for a minimum period of time before it is returned to you.

Prepare for Changes

If you planned to bring your electronics, consider that countries in Europe, Asia and Africa have different types of electrical outlets. Your appliances might not be compatible. Consider the climate of the place you are moving to. A move from the desert environment of Las Vegas to the cooler and more variable weather of northern Europe would necessitate different items. Consider what might be difficult to get a hold of at your new place, such as prescription medications or extra pairs of eyeglasses.