Three Unexpected Ways Moving Companies Can Help You Move

Unique Services That Movers Offer

Hiring a moving company lets you sit back as someone else handles all the important and complicated aspects of your move. While you might expect to find movers who can pack up your home and help you unpack later, you’ll also find some unexpected ways in which they can assist with your Las Vegas move.

Pianos and Other Instruments

Moving a piano is so hard and takes so much work that some homeowners simply leave behind their instruments when they leave. With the right moving company though, you can get help moving that heavy instrument. These companies will pack the piano to keep the keys from breaking during the move and to ensure that it’s ready for you to play when you arrive in your new home. They can help with other types of instruments, including rare or vintage models that are worth a lot of money.

Fine Art and Antiques

When hiring moving companies in Las Vegas, Nevada, residents might ask whether those companies have any experience with fine art. Fine art can include sculptures and paintings that are worth thousands of dollars or even more. Movers with experience in this area know how to properly package that art to protect your investment and keep it from breaking during your move. They can also crate pieces to keep the art from moving around on the truck. Moving companies will have insurance to protect that artwork too that also applies to any antiques that you own.


There may come a time when you need to store some of your belongings during a move. Some local moving companies provide storage options for their customers that include climate-controlled units and units with hundreds of square feet of storage space available. Movers can even help move boxes and other items into one of these units. You’ll find that many moving companies offer unexpected services and can help with storage as well as fine art and instrument moving and other services you can use.