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Three Ways to Protect Treasured Fragile Items When Moving

Fragile items require special attention when you pack them into boxes and transport them during the moving process. These three types of packing materials can help to protect your fragile items throughout your move into a new home.

Three Essential Packing Materials You Need for Your Upcoming Move

As you prepare to move into a new apartment or home, you may be wondering what you can do in order to protect your most fragile items. China dishes, porcelain figurines and crystal vases require special attention and careful packing techniques. If you are unsure of how to best protect your fragile items, experienced movers in North Las Vegas can handle the task of packing, loading and transporting your belongings for you.

Specialty Boxes

Your movers can supply you with specialty boxes that are specifically made for certain types of fragile items. These supplies are designed to keep stemware separated and cushioned. You can also choose boxes that are designed for sets of china and glassware. If you have similar heirloom belongings such as porcelain figurines or glass paperweights, they may also work in these types of boxes.


There are many different types of packing materials that you can use as padding. For everyday dishes and kitchen tools, consider using your kitchen towels as padding. Foam blocks can also be effective as padding between glass or metal items. Foam is lightweight and flexes to fit around the item. You could also consider the old-fashioned packing peanuts. Today, these are often made of biodegradable materials that are more environmentally friendly than the polystyrene peanuts of a generation ago.


Newspaper, newsprint that is blank or plain brown butcher’s paper is also helpful when packing. You can wrap the paper around hard plastic items that could crack if they experience an impact. If you do not want any ink to rub off on your items, choose the blank newsprint or the butcher’s paper. Newspaper is also ideal for wrapping around picture frames and electronics. When you have completed your move, the newspaper can be recycled along with your dismantled moving boxes.