Tips for Moving Quotes

How to Get the Most Accurate Moving Estimate for You

If you’re hiring movers in North Las Vegas, a quote is a powerful tool. Several quotes give you context to gauge the market, and the estimate you agree to lets you budget your relocation accordingly. Not all quotes are created equal, however, and there are steps consumers can take to ensure themselves a better experience.

Schedule a Walkthrough

You don’t have to schedule a walkthrough with every mover you consider, but you should do this as you near finalizing your decision. This appointment gives the professional mover an opportunity to see firsthand what must be packed, loaded, transported and so forth. This generally results in a much more accurate quote, and many movers require it before providing written estimates.

Get a Written Estimate

Quotes provided verbally are generally non-binding, which means that you may not know the final price until the service is complete. Written estimates, on the other hand, are generally binding, which means that you’ll know exactly what you’ll owe unless something significant changes—such as forgetting a room. Binding agreements can even have caveats that allow for a price reduction if the final total weight is less than what was originally estimated.

Target Quotes Based on Weight

Most—but not all—moving companies charge based on weight. This is preferable for the consumer because quotes based on weight tend to be highly accurate, and unless you’ve made a mistake, there generally won’t be any surprises that alter the quote amount.

Expectations If a Quote Changes

Another reason it’s important to get a written estimate is that the law prohibits moving companies from charging more than 110 percent the day of service. So, if your estimate is for $500, you won’t be required to pay more than $550. That’s the not to say that your final bill won’t be higher than that, but you will be billed and have 30 days or more to pay the remainder.