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Tips for Packing and Moving Your Collection of Houseplants and Flowers

How to Safely Move Your Houseplants to a New Home

Many people have at least one houseplant brightening up their living space. When it comes time to move from one home or apartment to another, you will probably want to take your prized plants with you. If you are unsure of how to protect and transport your houseplants, be sure to choose one of the experienced moving companies in Las Vegas, Nevada, that will handle them with care and safely transport them to your new place.

Small Houseplants

Small houseplants such as African violets or verdant succulents are easier to transport than larger plants. These small potted plants should be watered about two days before your move. Pack them in a box and surround each pot with newspapers so they do not crash into each other while in transit. Your movers may have specialty boxes and can pack them for you.

Tall Plants

Transporting tall houseplants requires some extra attention. Pack sphagnum moss on the tops of the pots. This stops the potting soil from spilling or drying out. The plants will need to be packed into boxes that accommodate their height. You may need to ask the movers to supply the boxes for your tall potted plants. If your plant is in frail health, consider giving it away instead of trying to transport it.

Long-Distance Moves

Preparing your houseplants for a long-distance move is trickier than for a local move within Las Vegas. Be sure to prune your plants before the move. Only healthy plants should be subjected to the stress of a long move. Ask the movers about a climate-controlled moving truck. A consistent temperature and humidity level lessens the stress level on the plants. Make sure that nobody else’s belongings will be loaded onto your moving truck.