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Tips for Picking the Best Time and Day to Move

Moving can be stressful. Picking the right time and day to move can help make the transition smoother. Here are some things to consider when moving.


Tips for Selecting a Time to Move

1. Consider the Weather

Climate and weather are easy to research. If the day you have chosen to move is during a season with rough weather, plan more time to get the job done. Consider that moving during rain or snow may mean several movers with wet shoes and clothes coming and going from the new residence. This may mean some extra planning to cover floors and furniture.

2. Move Earlier, If Possible

It is understandable that many people need to move on the first day of a month. That is often when one contract ends and another begins. However, this common moving day may leave movers backed up or behind schedule. Even pushing the move back or forward a day or two may result in quicker moving time and better service from a moving company in North Las Vegas.

3. Consider Local Events

Know what is going on in the new location. Driving, moving, and doing necessary shopping can be less convenient during big community events. This also applies to holidays. If there are streets blocked off or there is just a lot of traffic, it can make the moving process slower.

4. Get Professional Help

It is a bad idea to try to move all belongings at the same time without the help of a professional. Hire a moving company in North Las Vegas. These professionals are trained to properly lift heavy objects. They are also trained to move both large and small objects without damage to any property. However, you will need to book in advance to assure that you get a date and time where the proper team is available.

5. Be Specific About Expectations

If you want the couch in a certain room, speak up. It is ok to tell the moving company what you need. If they know more work could be required, they may suggest a day where they have more movers available. They are there to help with the process, and they want you to have a positive moving experience.

Moving does not have to result in stress. Moving on the right day can make the entire process easy and relaxing.