Tips for Safely Moving Your Funko Pop Vinyl Collectibles

How to Keep Your Funko Pops Safe During a Move

Whether you love sports, read comic books or have a favorite film or television show, the odds are good that Funko makes a few collectibles that you’ll love. Its line of Pop Vinyl figures is especially popular among collectors, and some of these figures are worth thousands of dollars. You need to know how to safely move those figures to protect your collection.

Make a List

Before movers come to your house and start packing up your belongings, you want to sit down and make a list of all the Pop Vinyl figures in your collection. Make note on the paper of any damage that you see like a small tear in the back of one box, a crease on the front of another or a window separating from the cardboard. Keep a copy of that list inside the box and a second one saved on your computer.

Ask Movers About Experience

While there are a number of moving companies in Las Vegas, Nevada, residents can choose from, you’ll want to ask each moving company about the experience it has in handling valuable collectibles. You can also ask what the company will do to protect your own investment. Movers can use bubble wrap and other moving supplies to keep the boxes on your figures from rubbing against each other and use cardboard pieces to separate any of the figures you have that are mint in box. The more experience they have, the less you’ll worry.

Unpack Quickly

Hiring movers that will both pack your current home and unpack boxes at your new home will help you reduce any damage done to your Funko collection. The longer those collectibles stay packed up, the greater the chance is of other boxes placed on top causing damage to your figures. Heavier boxes can even crush some of your most important figures. Hiring the best movers with the most experience will keep your collection pristine and help you maintain the values of all your figures.