Tips to Prepare for a Major Move

3 Ways to Prepare for a Major Move

Most people dread the thought of moving because it can be such a stressful experience. In order to avoid the discomfort that comes along with moving, it’s best to approach it with a planner’s mindset. When you plan ahead and map out how everything needs to go, you’re more likely to feel less anxiety and you’ll be able to face this endeavor with a calm disposition. Plus, these three tips for moving day plans really make things ten times easier.


Unless you’re incredibly efficient and have a no-nonsense attitude toward clutter and disorganization, most people can get a little cluttered at times. After living in one space for a certain amount of time, it’s totally natural for items to pile up and collect dust. As you acquire more things, it becomes harder to realize how much you really have. Sit down and take inventory of what you have and what you need. Once you sort through the things you need to keep, give the rest to family, friends or the local thrift store. Discard or recycle the rest.

Hire Help.

It’s one thing to get your family and friends to help out for free. That may work when it’s time to declutter and get rid of things. It might even work when you need someone to watch the kids while you pack the house up. However, it’s another thing to ask family and friends to come and lift heavy furniture. Not only can it put them in danger of hurting themselves, it can also take a really long time. Hiring professional movers is the way to go if you want efficiency and safety. Professionals who actually work for moving companies Las Vegas Nevada will know the best way to manage and carry heavy furniture because they do this for a living.

Financially Plan.

When you’re preparing for a big move, it’s wise to have a budget. Technically, it’s pretty impossible to facilitate a major move without any money. However, it’s also important to set money aside for unexpected expenses. Once you’ve budgeted all of the money for the move, set aside $1000 in an emergency fund to cover any unknown variables. If nothing happens, you’ll have the money saved for a rainy day. If an emergency comes up during the move, you won’t be caught off-guard. Money is a tool that makes things run a lot smoother. Use it wisely when you’re preparing to move.