How the Type of a Piano Makes a Big Difference in How It Will Be Moved

Three Ways the Type of Piano Impacts How It’s Moved

Whether you are moving all of the items and furnishings in your home or you just want a piano moved, it is important for the piano movers in Las Vegas to have all of the details about the instrument. Different types of pianos have different sizes, weights, and weight distributions. These attributes and others will have a big impact on how the movers transport the instrument from one place to another.

Style of Piano

An upright piano has the majority of its weight in the upper portion. They also have fragile legs that cannot withstand any side impacts. There is less weight on the bottom half of the item, which means that the movers will need to make different accommodations than they would for an orchestral piano.

Dimensions of the Piano

The movers will also need to know the dimensions of the piano. This means the instrument’s height, width, and depth. Having this information allows the movers to make a detailed exit plan in order to get the piano out of the house without causing damage to the piano or the home’s doors or hallways. For example, if the piano will only fit out of the house through one door, the movers need to know.

Type of Piano

Some pianos have their inner workings more exposed than others. One small slip-up and the inner workings of a more exposed type of piano could easily be damaged, leaving you with an instrument that needs a big repair in order to play music properly. Telling the movers about the type, make and model of piano will allow them to select the appropriate professional piano cover to protect the item’s inner workings.