How to Use a Yard Sale to Reduce Your Moving Expenses

Using a Yard Sale to Lighten the Load Before Moving

Yard sales are an exceptionally useful way to make a few extra dollars. It’s also useful if you need to unload as much as possible before packing up to move. Every item you keep is another that needs to be packed and shipped. Depending on the weight of things like furniture, they can also impact the gas mileage of vehicles over long hauls. Getting rid of as much as possible lets you easily fit what you need to keep in storage in North Las Vegas. Otherwise, you could be faced with a mountain of random items that really no longer have a purpose.


Make Sure People Know About the Sale

One of the most common methods of advertising a yard sale is by hanging signs on posts and poles in the neighborhood. However, you can take it a step further and include social media. In fact, many cities and towns have Facebook pages where you can advertise a yard sale for free.

Sell Items People Will Want to Buy

The best way to make money and unload items at a yard sale in Las Vegas is to sell things people will want to buy. While you may think a bucket full of random power cables is a treasure, the odds of getting rid of it may be slim. Separate the things people will actually want to buy that you don’t need. Random cables, remotes and dining sets perform better as donations to a local thrift store.

Don’t Be Too Stingy with the Offers

It’s OK to be proud of your items, but realize  prices that are too step are going to scare a lot of potential buyers away. While you may think an item has a significant sentimental value, remember something is only worth what someone is willing to pay. The purpose of a yard sale is to make as much as you can before moving out while reducing what you have to ship. Realistically, consider any offer you are given.