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What to Do If Your Home Sells Faster Than Anticipated

What to Do When a Home Sells Earlier Than Expected

The home selling process can move incredibly quickly. For an attractive home at a great price, closing can occur in less than 30 days from listing. Many families anticipate having a few months before having to move from their homes, but this isn’t always the case in a hot real estate market. If the family’s home sells faster than they were originally prepared for, they’ll be racing against the clock to move their lives and possessions to a new home in time.

Storing Household Items Temporarily

If the family is going to be transitioning into a small apartment or extended stay hotel for a few weeks or until their home purchase is complete, they could benefit from storing their furniture and excess belongings. After locating safe storage north Las Vegas, all furniture, collectibles, off-season clothes, dishes, toys, and electronics can be tucked away until the final move. A storage unit is easy to load and unload with a moving truck, especially when compared to maneuvering items through stairwells and doorways in a small, temporary residence.

Placing Immediate Transfer Requests

As soon as the family accepts an offer, requests for transfers should be placed with all current employers, schools, and daycares. This gives employers and schools time to process paperwork and complete transfers. Popular daycares may have waiting lists, so getting on the list quickly is important. Generally, it is ideal to give a 30-day notice for transfer requests.

How to Pack Quickly

When parents are working and school is in session, packing up the home quickly can be hard. All of the non-essentials should be packed rapidly, and any breakable items should be packed with time-saving bubble wrap sheets. This eliminates wrapping breakables and dishes in several layers of newspaper, which takes a lot of time. Dedicate one room of the home for packed boxes; this helps the family to visualize how much work there is to complete, including cleaning.