What You Need to Know About Moving a Piano

When moving a piano, it’s necessary to use proper planning and effort. Pianos are heavy with vulnerable finishes. This article highlights the process used by professional Las Vegas piano movers to move them.

Why You Need Professional Movers to Move Your Piano

1. Inspect

The team will start by inspecting the piano and the area around it for any existing damages. They will communicate their findings and remove any obstacles for the piano to move freely to the front door. Work with them to create plenty of space for easy movement.

2. Protect Ancillary Pieces

Las Vegas piano movers use screwdrivers to detach the piano topper. They wrap music racks, keyboards, and topper in a blanket using a stretch wrap. For fixed keyboard covers, they cover the ends with cardboard to protect it from flapping open. Place screws, bolts, or washers into a labeled bag.

3. Protect Tuning Pedals

The movers will pay attention to the bottom of your piano. Tuning pedals are prone to damage if not removed and protected properly. They will use an Allen wrench or screwdriver to dismount the rack and then insulate the pedals and moving pads with plastic wrap.

4. Remove Legs and Flip

Las Vegas piano movers implement their experience and skills in removing the piano legs and flip it. Each person will have to carry out a specific task for a successful completion of this step. The piano will be resting on its board awaiting relocation.

5. Moving to the Truck

The experts will use moving pads, stretch wrap, and tape to cover the piano completely. They will buckle it to the piano board using buckle straps to use the correct lifting techniques.

6. Transporting Piano

Moving companies will have lift gate wrench to lift the device into the vehicle. They will place the piano on the wall truck and buckle it. At the destination, they will slowly lower it off the truck.

7. Set Piano

The team will then wheel the instrument to the desired location. They will unwrap and fix all the elements back to their position. The final step is turning it on to test whether it is operating.

Do not handle the moving process yourself if you lack the skills and resources. You do not have to sell your piano when moving due to the high risks involved in transporting it. Seek assistance from a known moving entity.