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How to Cut Down on the Costs of a Move Into a New Home or Apartment

Learn about the ways that you can save on moving costs while still having a team of professional movers take care of transporting your belongings to your new home or apartment.

Three Easy Ways to Make Your Move Affordable

A household move in Las Vegas is an exciting time. In addition to getting a price estimate from moving companies in Las Vegas, Nevada, you can also plan your move by taking some actions to make your move affordable. Consider these three ways of lowering the costs of a move.

Get Rid of Stuff

Bringing your old clutter to your new place will add to your moving expenses. If you have an inexpensive piece of furniture that is already falling apart, don’t bring it. Get rid of other unused things, too, such as toys, baby equipment, clothes and old household products. Many movers charge by volume or weight, and clutter adds to the cost.

Choose Used Boxes

Buying all new boxes could cost a few hundred dollars. If you need specialty boxes, you could end up paying even more. Ask around and see if your current or future neighbors have boxes they could give to you or sell you at a low price. Avoid getting boxes from the grocery store. Those boxes could have food residue and insects. A mishmash of oddly shaped boxes will not stack well in a moving truck and might not be allowed by the movers for insurance purposes.

Move During the Off-Season

Weekends in the spring are the most common time to move. If you schedule your move for this time, be prepared to pay more. If possible, consider moving on a weekday. Even though you may have to take time off of work, you could save a lot of money by moving on a Monday. If your move is taking you across the country, a weekday move would ensure that your belongings arrive by the weekend. You would have the weekend to unpack and put your things away, allowing you to get a fresh start and get back to work or school on the following Monday.