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Donating Unwanted Items to Make Your Next Move Easier

Tips for Donating Items Before Your Big Move

Charity organizations and nonprofit groups need donations to remain in business. When many people start planning a move, they focus on packing up everything they own and throwing away the things they no longer need. If you don’t have the time to plan and host a moving sale, you can donate some of your things to charity before you move.

Create a Game Plan

The very first thing you need is a game plan. Don’t expect to tackle the whole house at one time. Think about the date of your move and the number of rooms in your house. You can generally tackle one to two rooms each week up to your move. Keep cardboard boxes and trash bags on hand to separate the things that will go in the trash from your donations. Ask your family to jump in and help. They can give away the toys, clothing, books and other things they don’t want to move too.

Pick a Charity

Before picking from the top moving companies in Las Vegas, Nevada, residents should do some research, and you should do the same investigation when picking a charity for your donations too. Make sure that the charity will do something positive with those items. Some will sell the items to raise funds for special programs, but others will donate those items to people in need. You’ll also want to contact the organization and set up a time for it to pick up those things. To cut back on the hassles of moving, it’s often helpful to have the charity pick up the boxes at least one week before your move.

Donate Today

Most charities will accept everything from clothing and toys to cookware and furniture, but most will only accept items that are in good condition. The more things that you donate to local charities ahead of time, the fewer things you need to unpack and keep an eye on during your big move.