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Four Ideas to Make Your Storage Experience Better

Plan for Storage Success With These Four Tips

If you’re considering renting off-site storage in North Las Vegas for personal or business purposes, plan to organize. Keep records, organize your space into sections, maintain aisles and take other steps to make your life easier. That extra hassle now will make retrieval and storage a lot easier months and years down the line.

Keep a Record of What You Store

While you certainly won’t want to record every knickknack you store, you do want to list the big items as well as groups of stuff, such as kitchen trinkets and Halloween decorations. If an item or group is boxed or otherwise contained, record the container type, give it an identifier and label it in large type. When you go to retrieve something in particular, this approach will make it much simpler.

Color Code Your Containers

Organizing your storage space in themes is an obvious approach, but remembering those sections months from now may not be so easy. Professional organizers recommend color-coding. For cardboard boxes, you can color code with colored packing tape, which is available in many colors. If you’re using totes, these are available in a wide selection of colored lids. You may still have to inspect labels for the right carton, but at least you’ll limit the area you have to search.

Organize for Future You

Create horizontal and vertical aisles for easy access to sections. Choose a corner for labels and color-coding and stick to it. Ensure those corners are all facing out. Use the front area of the storage for Christmas decorations and other stuff you’ll access regularly.

Know How You’re Covered and for How Much

Your self-storage company may provide insurance and offer more, but it probably won’t be much. If you want to ensure that you’re insured, you’ll usually be best off going through the company that provides your home or rental policy. This is where having a record of what you store will be a big help. In many cases, you can add total coverage for a storage space for just pennies a day, and coverage can be particularly inexpensive if the service provides high security, climate control and so forth.