What to Leave Out When Packing For That Upcoming Move

What Not to Pack When You Move

When it comes time to move, it can be tempting to just quickly throw everything in boxes and get going. But planning out your move is the best way to ensure the job is done well. Whether you’re doing the move yourself or you’re looking for movers in North Las Vegas, there are a few items you should know not to pack.

Perishable Items

Moving can sometimes be time-consuming, meaning items might be stored in boxes for weeks at a time, possibly more. When packing, it’s important to remember not to include any perishable items. The most common household perishables are frozen, refrigerated and fresh foods. Having these foods packed in boxes means they would eventually spoil or go bad, releasing foul odors during your move. On the inside of the box, mold might start to grow, which could move on to the rest of your belongings. The food can also attract insects, mice and other small animals. Other non-food items, like potted plants or fresh cut flowers, should also go unpacked.

Most Important Possessions

Everybody has important items they hold near and dear to their hearts. These are the items that you don’t want to part with and would be difficult or impossible to replace if lost. When it comes to moving, things tend to get a little chaotic, no matter how much you plan. While things don’t always go missing once you get to your destination, it can happen. Some items to think about not packing due to importance include family heirlooms, original artwork, expensive jewelry, important documents, etc.

Dangerous Goods

There are a lot of everyday items you have in your home that simply shouldn’t be packed up. These items, when packed and transported, can be potentially hazardous. Items include anything that is flammable, explosive or corrosive. Common items you might find in your home but should not pack include liquor, cleaning supplies, aerosol cans, fire extinguishers, matches and lighter fluid. If you decide on a moving company for your upcoming move, they can typically provide you with a list of items they’re unable to transport.