How to Pack Up Your Student’s Belongings When Moving to a College Dorm

Three Tips for Moving a College Student Into a Dorm

When a child moves away to go to college, the experience of packing can be overwhelming. Going through drawers, shelves and bins of childhood items can be emotional for everyone. These three tips will help to make the process go smoothly, and the extra items could be taken to a secure place for convenient storage in North Las Vegas.

Pack the Essentials First

While your child might seriously consider bringing his or her collection of 219 stuffed animals or seven bins of baseball cards to college, most dorm rooms are small. Make sure that your child packs the essentials first. Those essentials include hygiene supplies, detergent, clothing appropriate for the weather, the necessary technology, bedding and any needed small appliances.

Decide on an Organizational System

College dorm room closets typically lack any sort of shelving or organizational components. You could make the most of the room’s vertical space by using an organizational system with adjustable shelves. Consider a shelving and bin or basket type of unit. The bins or baskets are good at making things look tidy. They can be used for socks, accessories and seasonal items. The bins are also good for the snacks and sundries that your child may need to bring.

Put the Extras Into Storage

When a child leaves home to go to college, many parents leave the child’s room as it is so that it is ready when the child comes home for winter, spring or summer breaks. Other families may have other plans for the space, such as a home office, game room or hobby room. If you want to take over your child’s former bedroom after he or she moves out to go to college, a storage center is an ideal option for keeping your child’s belongings in good condition.