Preparing for a Household Move When You Have a Reluctant Teenager

Teenagers are often resistant to change, and a household move could be stressful for a child who is in his or her teenage years. Including your child in the planning process will help. When the team of movers in North Las Vegasarrives to pack, load and transport your family’s belongings, use these tips to ensure a smooth transition for each of your household members.

Plan a Goodbye Party

Before the movers arrive, plan a goodbye party. The party could be at your home, a nearby park or a fun center. Allow your teen to invite his or her friends, giving everyone the chance to share hugs, memories and goodbyes. Be sure to bring fun photo props for the pictures and a few boxes of tissues to catch the tears.

Help Your Teen Plan the New Room

Your teen may feel more engaged with the move if he or she can choose the paint color, curtains or shades and a rug for his or her new bedroom. Consider a shopping trip for some new linens, posters or artwork to hang on the wall of the bedroom. You might also dedicate an area of your new place as a sort of teen hangout for your teen and his or her new friends.

Take a Goodbye Tour

While the movers are loading, consider a goodbye tour of your neighborhood and favorite spots. Take one last visit to the doughnut shop, a favorite restaurant or store, park, schools and other places your teen might not get to see again after moving to a new city. Take photos or pick up mementos such as a take-out menu or a smooth rock to bring along to the new place. This process gives your teen closure.