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Must-have Packing Materials To Help You Move

Our Henderson moving company wants you to have an easy move to a new location. If you are moving,  it is essential to have the right packing materials. Here is a list of the items needed for packing your possessions.

Packing Item 1: Cardboard Boxes

You should buy clean cardboard boxes in an assortment of sizes to pack different items safely. Cardboard boxes are affordable items, and you may need hundreds of these when you are moving a large family. While you can find free cardboard boxes at local stores, they are often contaminated with insects, so it is better to purchase new ones.

Packing Item 2: Strong Packing Tape

You must have strong tape available while packing to seal the cardboard boxes. Specialized tape with thread can create a stronger container that won’t break open while it is transported on a moving truck. Our Henderson moving company recommends adding strong tape on the bottom and sides of cardboard boxes to make the items more durable.

Packing Item 3: Plastic Totes

In some situations, plastic totes are a better option for packing than cardboard boxes. If you know that you are transporting items that you plan to keep packed in storage long-term, use a plastic tote. Some of the items that you might want to put in a plastic tote include seasonal holiday decorations or mementos, such as high school yearbooks.

Packing Item 4: Labels

Make sure to label a container immediately so that you’ll know what’s inside it to make the unloading process easier. You may want to have labels in different colors to make it easier to keep containers sorted for the different rooms in a new home. Use large labels that you can read from a distance, and make sure to write the words carefully so that anyone can read the items.

Packing Item 5: Tissue Paper

Our Henderson moving company suggests keeping your possessions safer while moving by wrapping delicate items in tissue paper. You can also bunch up tissue paper to place between the breakable items.