Must-Have Storage Items That Will Keep Your Belongings Safe

Accessories That Can Keep Your Belongings Safe in Storage

Whether you need to keep your personal property safe during a move or you have simply run out of room in your own home, a storage unit is a great option. They can keep your items safe from theft, the elements, and much more. However, it’s not uncommon for rented storage in Las Vegas to become unorganized messes that do more harm than good. To prevent this from happening, you can invest in some affordable and useful accessories.

Plastic Lockable Bins

While cardboard boxes are great for providing simple protection, you can’t beat the durability of molded plastic. Bins are affordable and come in a range of sizes. Some are even made from a clear material so that you can see the bin’s contents without having to open it. The best thing about plastic is that it prevents moisture, bugs, and any other potentially damaging invaders from affecting your belongings. With locking handles, your items will stay secure.

Bubble Wrap

Ceramic dishes, glassware, and decorative art are all prone to damage when they’re placed in storage lockers carelessly. If they have the freedom to move in their box, there’s a higher risk that they will experience cracks or scratches. Bubble wrap is a great solution that can keep your items protected. Small pockets of air create adequate cushioning around the delicate material. Bubble wrap is available in numerous sizes and designs so that you can protect items big and small.

Shelving Units

Most facilities for storage in North Las Vegas have enough ample headroom inside. Usually, all of this vertical space is wasted. You can take advantage of every inch of your unit by investing in shelving units. Typically made from plastic or metal, they can be assembled on-site within a matter of minutes. They’ll make stacking boxes a breeze and add some much-needed organization.